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Is your company due for
a security health
If it has been more than 12 months since your
last checkup, or if this is your first, then now is
the right time!
Budget Friendly
This Security Awareness Evaluation is being offered at $299
for a limited time.
Less than 10 Minutes
Your employee involvement takes less time than a water
cooler break.
Ultimate Peace of Mind
You will sleep better at night knowing your valuable
corporate data is safe and secure.
Security Evaluation
Despite having the latest antivirus software, recent spyware protection, and best firewall available, along with secure passwords to protect your company, you still feel vulnerable. If someone really wanted to be technologically malicious, couldn't they find a way in? But how?

Our security awareness evaluation will pinpoint your users' vulnerabilities and recommend ways to reduce your security exposure to cyber crime.
Request Your Security Awareness Evaluation Today
"Technology is everything for our business and we have a high degree of comfort knowing you are by our side."

Newark, DE
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